Teenager insurance

Regardless of whether or not you think your teenager is responsible enough to drive, the State of Ohio allows teenagers to get their temporary drivers license when they are 15 1/2 years old.  There are restrictions placed on teenagers, such as who has to be in the car with them and the hours of the day they can drive.  It’s important to know most Ohio insurance companies don’t require you to add your teenage driver to your insurance policy until he or she gets the permanent drivers license.  That means you are not paying extra premium for them while they have their temporary license.

Most people shop their car insurance when their teenager approaches driving age.  Teenager insurance is expensive, as everybody knows, but there are a few things you can do to keep car insurance premiums as low as possible.  Adding them to your policy as an “occasional” driver is the best way to do it.  This means that there are more cars than drivers.  If you have the same number, or more cars than drivers, then your child will be considered a “principle” driver.  The insurance company charges more money because the vehicle is always available for the teen to drive, that is, there is nobody else driving it, because every driver has a car.  If you want or need your teenage driver to have his or her own car to drive, consider a vehicle that doesn’t need full coverage.  Many companies will give a premium discount if your teenager is a “good student” and maintains a B average.

Teenager insurance in Ohio is expensive because young, inexperienced drivers have a poor claims record compared to more experienced drivers.  Ohio insurance companies will check the driving record of the teenager every year.  If there is a ticket or two, or an at fault accident, they will raise the rates substantially.  It shouldn’t be a surprise that most parents shop there insurance when teenagers ae beginning to drive.