Ohio Identity Theft Insurance

Every year, thousands of people have something stolen from them:  their identity!  Usually, by the time they find out, it’s too late.  Thieves have racked up charges on existing credit cards, taken out new credit cards and loans on their new identity, and may have sold your information to others who want to do damage to your good name. 

Ohio home insurance coverage  can be endorsed, or added on to, to provide protection against this unique exposure.  The coverage is known as Identity theft insurance and it can usually be added to a home, condo owners, or renters policy.  Identity theft insurance coverage does two important things.  First, it helps to get your identity back by working with credit bureaus, your credit card companies and credit monitoring services.  Secondly, you would be reimbursed for expenses associated with restoring your credit, like lost wages, notary services, certified mailing costs, and attorney fees, up to a certain limit.  This limit of coverage will vary among Ohio insurance companies, so make sure you understand how the coverge works and the limitations.         

Many times victims of identity theft don’t realize it until the damage has been done.  Identity theft insurance is a relatively new type of insurance, brought on by the use of the internet to conduct business.  Your personal information is stored in dozens of databases and shared among companies.  Protect your identity by purchasing identity theft insurance