Ohio Commercial Insurance

As a fellow businessowner, OhioInsurance.com knows the importance of protecting your livelihood. Professional insurance products and services are key elements in reinforcing that protection. OhioInsurance.com and the carriers we represent can help you confront the concerns your business faces due to market uncertainty, legislative changes, and issues that relate to loss mitigation strategies.

OhioInsurance.com applies its knowledge to business, insurance, and market developments as well as its expertise in devising the best solutions for your commercial coverage.

Business Coverages

We offer a complete range of commercial insurance products that cover a multitude of general and specific business needs and commercial activities.

  • General Liability - covers bodily injury to others, property damage to others, personal injury (libel, slander), advertising injury, etc.
  • Property Coverage - insures the building(s), equipment, and contents of the business that are needed to operate it.
  • Business Income Protection - covers loss of income and payment of expenses that continue while your business property is unusable.
  • Business Auto Coverage - is similar to personal auto coverage, but can extend from one or a few business vehicles to large and diverse commercial fleets.
  • Employment Practices Liability - covers your business should an employee sue you for wrongful termination, discrimination, sexual harassment, and other reasons.
  • Commercial Umbrella Coverage - increases liability limits over an above those set in other business liability policies.
  • Professional Liability - covers errors in professional judgment and decision making (over and above general liability) that ultimately causes financial harm or injury to others.
  • Directors & Officers Liability - protects corporate officers, directors, and board members when sued for actions, decisions, or judgments that cause harm to others.
  • Specialty Coverages - are more precisely defined “niche” programs that relate to specific industries, practices, and needs.
  • Workers Compensation - is mandated coverage that pays benefits to employees who are injured on the job and/or unable to perform their assigned tasks.