Ohio Car Insurance Switch

While shopping for new Ohio car insurance, don’t be surprised if you find a better rate!  Auto insurance in Ohio is very competitively priced, and prices can vary by hundreds of dollars among Ohio auto insurance companies.  Just make sure you are accurately comparing the quotes you receive with the coverage you have, and are comfortable with the vehicle coverage options. 

Making the switch to another Ohio insurance company isn’t a detailed process.  If you’re working with an independent agent, they can make the switch for you, by notifying your current auto insurer that you won’t be renewing with them.  You will most likely have to sign an application with the new auto insurance company.  If you’re working with a captive agent, that means you’ve found a new Ohio auto insurance company on your own, and need to inform your agent.  He or she will probably ask you to put your intention to switch your Ohio car insurance in writing, to protect you and the insurance company!  Failing to cancel your policy will result in having two policies in effect at the same time, and paying for both of them.  It will be a hassle for you to cancel the policy later and the insurance company may send you to collections.