Ohio auto insurance companies

Although there are over 2000 insurance companies licensed to sell insurance in Ohio, the top 20 Ohio auto insurance companies write over 90% of the auto insurance premium.  Auto insurance premiums in Ohio totalled just over 5 billion dollars in 2010.  This does not include commercial vehicles.  Needless to say auto insurance is big business in Ohio!  Ohio is home to two of the largest auto insurance companies in the country, Nationwide and Progressive.  Besides these giants in the business there are several other large companies including Cincinnati, Westfield, Motorists, and Grange.

Ohio auto insurance companies use a lot of information about you to develop a quote for your car or truck.  Your insurance score and driving record are usually the two biggest considerations.  Most insurance companies that write auto insurance, will also want to insure your home, condominium or renters policy.  They will offer a discount, called a multi-policy discount, to insure both your car and home.  In fact, if you’re a renter, the savings on your auto policy may be enough to buy a renters insurance policy, or at least will pay for a good portion of it.

With so many insurance companies wanting to insure your vehicle, premiums are among the lowest in the nation.  It’s easy to get quotes, as most of the Ohio auto insurance companies have agents that will take the time to give you different quotes.  In addition, many of the company’s websites are equipped to give you quotes.  You must fill out the forms completely and accurately to recceive quotes that are accurate.