Auto Insurance

Millions of drivers hit the roads very day, and each one of them needs a Ohio auto insurance policy to legally drive, and for protection against accidents. The state of Ohio has some special requirements when buying auto insurance though. Knowing the legal minimums of your state can allow drivers to make smarter choices about their Ohio auto insurance quotes, possibly saving a lot of money.

Drivers in the state of Ohio are required to carry a minimum liability insurance of Ohio for bodily injury to an individual and Ohio for two or more people. You should also expect to require a minimum of Ohio in liability insurance for property damage caused from an auto accident. Coverage of this is usually referred to as Ohio in this industry.

The above requirements are only the minimums that you will need for Ohio auto insurance under the law, but that does not mean you shouldn’t get quotes with other options. Nevertheless, liability coverage does not have anything to do with fixing damage to your vehicle. This is covered under collision insurance, which is not a state requirement.

Also, remember that there are other factors outside of Ohio law that may affect the type of policy you need. Most companies require a policy that includes “full” or comprehensive and collision” coverage when you finance a vehicle. These policies not only include the state minimums, but also cover damages from car accidents, animals, fire, vandalism, and flood.

Along with the level of coverage you choose, your insurance rates will vary according to sex, age, marital status, and your driving record. Also, you may end up paying more if you have bad credit history, because insurance companies are allowed to look at credit ratings to determine rates and approvals.

Drivers looking for inexpensive Ohio auto insurance quotes can also benefit from discounts. Insurance companies offer various different discounts for cars installed with anti-theft precautions, students with good grades, and a long history of clean driving records. Make sure you notify your insurer if any of these apply to you. Also, ask about discounts for students who leave their cars at home when going away to college. Low annual mileage discounts may apply.

If you can’t get approved for any insurance policy it is usually due to a poor driving record. Those who fit into this category can get high-risk coverage, but this will usually mean higher than usual premiums. Though more expensive, it will still allow those high-risk drivers to stay legally insured.

Regardless of who you are, you need auto insurance if you drive in Ohio. Make sure you get all details of what you can expect from your Ohio auto insurance provider and ask how to reduce your payments before you sign up. You can save quite a bit on your insurance by shopping smart.