Hanover Insurance Company

We believe the most important aspects of a personal insurance program are coverage, claims and other services, price and financial stability.  Hanover delivers on all of these requirements exceedingly well!

Hanover has been in business for over 150 years, has premiums of over $4 billion, and have earned an “Excellent” rating from AM Best, the industry leader, for financial strength.  Although they’ve only been in Ohio for a few years, they’ve quickly grown to be the 18th largest insurer by premium here.

There are huge coverage differences among insurers, and we hear from prospective clients all the time that are disappointed when they find out their policies weren’t adequate, and a claim wasn’t paid as fully as it could have been.  Hanover’s personal lines offerings are among the broadest available!  If you insure your home and autos with them, several coverage enhancements are automatically included.  Here are a few examples:  Single Loss Deductible (both policies suffer a loss – smallest deductible is waived), Mortgage Extra Expense (total loss and interest rates are higher – payments to compensate for that), with a Guaranteed Renewal feature.  Hanover also offers coverage for watercraft and other toys, valuables, and umbrella liability protection.

Hanover’s home policy has several “trim” levels, and one that is popular, and reasonably priced, is known as the “Select Premium Plus” policy.  It includes “special” perils for your home or condominium, and personal property, the broadest way to insure these items.  $25,000 for sewer and drain backup (see our article on homeowner exclusions), $25,000 in identity theft, and $10,000 for losing, misplacing, and theft, of jewelry, ($5000 per piece) is automatic.  Deductibles are waived for claims over $50,000.

Hanover waives the comprehensive deductible if your windshield can be repaired instead of replaced, pays the cost to re-pack a deployed airbag, and allows you to choose where you want your car fixed.    An option available with Hanover’s auto policy is known as the “Drivesmart Advantage”.  The three coverages added with this are:  Accident Forgiveness, New Car Replacement Guard, and Deductible Dividends.  Accident forgiveness means your first at-fault accident in a 36 month period won’t be surcharged, and it will be reinstated after 36 months with no other accident.  New Car Replacement Guard replaces your new car, with a new car, within one year of its purchase or lease, or 15,000 miles, if it’s totaled.  Deductible Dividends reduces your collision deductible by $100 each year you don’t have a collision claim.  It goes into effect immediately, so that a $500 deductible, for example, would be $400.

We’ve been extremely impressed with Hanover’s claims service.  The local adjusters are quick to respond to claims, and are very fair in their settlements.  We like to get involved when you have a claim, to answer questions and offer suggestions, and to make certain you understand the process.  We are your advocate!  Let us know if you want to review your policies so that you understand them better or if you want to consider other coverage options.