Ohio has a very active and competitive insurance marketplace.  Consumers have many options for Ohio car insurance, business insurance, Ohio home insurance, as well as health and life insurance.  Even though premiums have been rising the last 2 years, particularly in homeowners insurance, Ohio remains one of the least expensive states for auto and home insurance premiums.  There are over 2000 insurance companies licensed to sell insurance products in Ohio, and is home to dozens of companies headquartered in the Buckeye state.

Nationwide Insurance Company, headquartered in Columbus is among the top five largest insurance companies in the country.   As their name implies they are licensed to sell not only in Ohio, but across the country.  Progressive Insurance Company, calls Mayfield Village, in Northeastern Ohio home.  They are an innovative company that also offers its products to Ohioans and insurance buyers across the country.   Although you’ve probably heard of these two large, national insurance companies, there are several others based in Ohio that are familiar names as well.

Cincinnati Insurance Co., Grange Insurance, and Westfield Insurance Co. all have a strong presence in Ohio and several other states.  They offer their auto, home and business insurance policies through agents.  Ohio Casualty Insurance Co., with a long and proud history serving Ohians insurance needs, has been purchased by the Liberty Mutual Insurance Group.  Other large insurance companies based in Ohio include State Auto, Motorists Mutual and Medical Mutual, a health insurance company.  Insurance companies in Ohio employ tens of thousand of people, with Ohio Insurance companies based in Columbus employing more than other cities.  This is because Nationwide, State Auto, Safe Auto, Motorists Mutual, Grange and others are headquartered here.

As impressive a list of the above insurance companies are, there are many other companies based in Ohio.  The regulatory climate is good here, and there is plenty of competition.  This adds up to Ohioans enjoying some of the lowest car and homeowner rates in the country.