Ohio Insurance Vicious Dog

In 2010, according to State Farm Insurance Co., Ohio ranked third in dog bite claims nationwide.  In 2011 Ohio Insurance policyholders recorded the fourth highest dog bit claims in the country.  We Ohioans like our four legged friends and owners of one particular breed received good news this week!     

Pit bulls owners are no longer required to carry mandatory liability insurance  just because they own a pit bull.  Pit bulls are no longer considered “vicious” solely based on their breed.  Dogs considered vicious based on action, other than breed will still be required to carry liability protection, under the old law, in an amount not less than $100,000.     There are other provisions of the new law that took effect My 22, that speaks to confinement requirements on and off the owners premises.     

This is National Dog Bite Prevention Week and I believe the timing of the new law is fantastic.  Insurance claims due to dog bites were responsible for about 35% of all homeowners insurance liability claims paid last year .  This cost insurance companies over $478 million in 2011.  If you live in an apartment it is important that you have renters insurance, not just to protect your personal belongings, but also for the peace of mind you’ll gain knowing that if your dog bites someone, you will have some liability protection.  Check with your agent on the particulars of your Ohio homeowners, condominium owners or renters policy to make sure you have appropriate coverage in case your dog bites someone.