Shopping Auto Insurance

There are many reasons why we shop our auto insurance, but the one heard most often is that the consumer wants to save money.  It makes sense to do so, because Ohio auto insurance premiums can vary by hundreds of dollars each year between companies.  In addition, you may save $300 by switching your car insurance, but that same insurance company might be $300 higher for your friend or neighbor.  There is not one Ohio insurance company that is always the lowest priced, despite what you hear on TV or the radio.

The one event that triggers people to shop for auto insurance, more than any other,  is when their teenager is approaching driving age.  We know they are expensive to insure, and want to know how much the premium increase will be.  There is a lot to learn about teenager insurance so that you can make an informed decision.  Other reasons that trigger people to shop their auto insurance include poor claim service (unsatisfied it wasn’t paid) and unsatisfactory service from their agent.

Shopping your auto insurance doesn’t have to be hard or time consuming.  You can get several quotes from leading insurers, right from this site.  Independent agents can shop your insurance for you, and captive agents  will get you a quote from the company they represent.  You should have your current policy, along with dates of birth, and drivers license numbers handy, as this is all the information you’ll need to obtain an auto insurance quote.